The Montessori Method

    The Montessori method of education is both a philosophy and a rationale for guiding a child's growth. It is based on the need for freedom within limits, and a carefully prepared environment, which guarantees exposure to materials and experiences, through which intelligence is developed as well as physical and social abilities.

    With the belief that a child, given the freedom to experience and experiment, will be the best gauge of his/her own readiness for academic, social and physical activities. Dr Montessori initiated a child centered personalized programme which integrates all aspects of the child's development.

    The school aims to assist in the total development of the child,

intellectually,   socially,   emotionally,   physically.

    It offers the children the opportunity to realise their potential in  a non-competitive environment.

    Within the child it promotes self confidence, self esteem, a sense of responsibility, independence, concentration and self motivation.

   The Montessori Method of Education Prepares a Child for Life. All Seafield Montessori School teachers are Montessori trained, highly motivated and have a vocation in providing the best care and education for your child.

    Seafield Montessori School is fully equiped with the latest teaching materials. At Seafield Montessori we arrange, throughout the year, trips for all our pupils. These trips include wildlife walks to experience Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The wildlife walks are weather permitting, fully supervised and are subject to parents consent. A high ratio of supervisor to pupil is maintained on all outdoor outings.